Tip One: Use simple Lighting set ups.

A few weeks ago I set  up for a Saturday morning portfolio shoot with a local model named Iris.  As this was a casual session to help her add to her portfolio I decided to do the shoot in my living room against a simple black low key backdrop. With a model who has some experience you need to keep it simple. Wasting time fiddling with complicated lighting or camera configurations will break the models sense of timing and ruin the mood.  I had seen a few sample photos of her and knew her black hair would look great against a black backdrop.  I was not prepared for the beautiful red highlights that were added by her stylist before the shoot.  Gotta get that persons contact info. The sample photos she sent me were not enough to prepare me for our first meeting. Gentlemen, this is a beautiful, athletic Vancouver gal.  Continue reading “Five Tips for a Model Portfolio Shoot”